Welcome - Faílte

I like to ask you straight away:


In your opinion, what do people want the most from their fellow human beings?


My answer: we want to be seen and accepted by others. The way we really are. Without being judged. (This could be a definiton of "love").


Whoever is going down the spiritual path or is looking into ways of working on oneself, will sooner or later come to the same conclusions: change always starts with myself. The outer world is always a mirror of my inside world. I can only receive and feel love by another human being, if I love myself without judging or wanting to change, who I am.


 However, oftentimes our vision of ourselves (and thus of the world) is blurred. We find it hard to realise who we really are and to accept ourselves without judgement.


... as you really are. All your strength, power and engery. My offers are for you if you really want to put yourself in the focus of your live.




If you want to replace the drama with Lightness and a Lust for Life


for over 10 years I have been practicing Vesseling after Martin Brune.

Vesseling is an incredibly deep form of Energy Work, which brings back Lightness and joi de vivre to your life. This is achieved through clearing blockages in your system and through clarifying your relationships.

Whatever your problems may be - job, health, relationships - or just a general problem to fully enjoy your life, I look forward to walking by your side for a while.



if you want to gift yourself with a visible reminder of your Energy


 imPossibly Colorful - such is my art. Color in the most unique combinations.


My technique: acrylic pouring       

Everything goes - enjoy the flow.

Painting with ease and joy.


Each of my paintings represents the fact that everything in life is a process. From the first idea to the finished artwork a whole story forms. The telling of this story is part of each of my pieces.


Paintings "from heart to heArt"

I dive deep into YOUR Energy - your painting, in your colors, comes into being. The things happening to me during the process are energetic messages that are delivered to you together with your individual, very personal piece of art.




if you are burning to realise your ideas and goals


Conscious Reading is a unique form of work in and with the morphic field that surrounds us. It allows you to ask questions concerning you and your life - and to receive answers that strengthen you, maybe surprise you and that serve as guideposts for your decisions.


Furthermore, we can consciously create from the field. This means, you tell me your goal (energy) and we, together, get the information of how you can get there, from the field.

If you have no clear goal yet, this can also be a question to the field.


All 3 areas of energy work I offer - Mentoring, Inspiration, Clarity - I live wholeheartedly and with great passion. Putting Energy into pictures, feelings and words and thus show my clients their own power and (inner and outer) beauty, fills my heart with gratitude every time.


If it calls you, travel with me for a while.


I am looking forward to meeting you.


from heart to heart,