Vesseling session via telephone

My first three Vesseling settings happened over the telephone. I only got to meet my Vesseling Practitioner from back then personally at a Vesseling seminar we both attended that took place some years later ...


Since we are all connected energetically the Vesseling setting via telephone (or Skype) is a brilliant way of working together over a distance. The session via telephone works just like the one-to-one as is just as effective.


For a session over the telephone, you call me at the arranged time. We have our preliminary talk. For the duration of the actual session we hang up the phone. Important: you need a quiet, undisturbed place where you can lie down. Once the session is over, I ring you back for our after talk and to tell you about your talent and vision.

Some people prefer this kind of setting as it allows them to let go even more in their natural surroundings.


There is no difference in quality or cost to a one-to-one setting.

Maria Kailer-Stadler

Vesseling Practitioner

nach Martin Brune


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+43 660 29 54 894

+49 8651 9059105



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Zum Glück ins Jetzt! Wie das Leben uns findet. Die Vesseling Energieschule.(Neuauflage 2013)

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"Zum Glück ins JETZT!"

Wie das Leben uns findet. Die Vesseling Energieschule.


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