Vesseling one-to-one setting

The "classic": from heavy to light in less than one hour

It sounds unbelievable and yet it is just that: you can't "get it" with your head but you feel it all the more - just like that, a Vesseling setting dissolves the biggest inner dramas. The session starts with a YES to the inner pain that was buried or suffered from (often) for years and ends with a - often unbelieving - smile.  What remains is a feeling of ease and the realisation that a part of life is back in the flow.


The duration of a setting is in between 70 - 90 minutes. In a short preliminiary talk we find out what stands in between you and your happiness, in short, where the problem lies.

Important: the more honest you are to yourself and the more willing you are to give in to the feelings that surround your problem, the deeper the Vesseling session will go and the bigger is the potential for change in your life.


In the Now of the setting, you can totally give in to your upcoming feelings. Fear, sadness, anger, emptiness, desperation - whatever it is that haunts you. I will help you to touch onto these feelings. 

The healing session itself takes about 40 minutes. While it lasts, you simply lie down quietly, not moving your body. Thus, you are giving the topic the space it needs to dissolve.

That means, maybe for the first time, all the negative feelings you have in connection with your problem (that you ignored or surpressed in order to keep functioning in the world) are allowed to come up and simply be there.

I support you by giving space and resolving the blockage in your energy field.


After the session is finished, we talk about your newly found talent (via a picture I draw for you), the part of yourself, that was rediscovered during the session. And about the vision of how to incorporate this talent back into your life, now your blockage is gone.


What problems/ topics can I bring to a Vesseling setting?

A topic is anything that weighs you down and stops you from being fully happy.

Topics range from physical problems (back pains, allergies, insomnia, ...), emotional problems (states of anxiety or panic attacks, extreme shyness, anger, the search for a meaning in your life, ...) or relationship problems (a difficult/ no partnership, mobbing at the workplace, no being able to let go of one's children/ parents, ...) .

Sometimes it is hard to define the problem, one just knows life isn't as easy and fun as it could be. This kind of topic can also be looked at with the help of a Vesseling session.

How many sessions do I need?

In order to get your very own process of re-discovery started,  3 sessions within a period of 2-3 weeks are recommended. From my experience, I can only second that. After a month or two we talk again to see if another session is needed or not.

How much does a Vesseling session cost?

The cost for a session up to 90 minutes is €100. 

Children up to 10 years pay €50.


I also have a monthly special offer for children and young people from 15 up to 23 years: 3 sessions at the price of €90 (€30 per session).

Maria Kailer-Stadler

Vesseling Practitioner

nach Martin Brune


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Zum Glück ins Jetzt! Wie das Leben uns findet. Die Vesseling Energieschule.(Neuauflage 2013)

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"Zum Glück ins JETZT!"

Wie das Leben uns findet. Die Vesseling Energieschule.


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