What is Vesseling?

Vesseling is an Energy-, Meditation- and Consciousness work that creates space where there used to be tightness.

or: an energetically holistic method that brings us back to where we started from: wholeheartedly happy with ourselves and our lives. Curious, ready for action and with a huge lust for (OUR) life.


Our body is a vessel (hence Martin Brune's word creation Vesseling) that can be empty or full. As children our vessels are empty (like a drinking glass), light and crystal clear. We are born "whole". We start our lives, being complete with all our talents, characteristics, our likes and dislikes. Full of curiousity and enthusiasm we discover the world and people around us. 


However, in the course of most people's lives, their vessels get filled with heavy energy. This happens through "wrong" expectations our surroundings might have of us as well as unhealthy relationships that do not fit our true selves. But also through our own wrong ideas of how we should live our life.

The glass becomes fuller. 

This heavy energy shows itself in negative thoughts and feelings ("I'm not good enough"), in complicated relationships, problems with money, fears or physical problems like allergies, skin irritations, constant illness. In short: we don't really feel happily alive anymore.


Vesseling works!


Transforming this heavy energy back into lightness. Finding back to our talents, to who we really are and what makes us happy - and living accordingly!

Vesseling works on two levels to reach this:

   - clearing and solving inner blockages

   - clarifying our relationships


By realising and solving our inner blockages (the things that don't feel good in our lives) we reach more and more inner clarity - that is, we realise (again) who we really are - our strengths, our limits (!) and what we need to be really, really happy. 

Through this, we gain the power to peacefully clarify the relationships in our lives that constrain us, that don't do us good.


Thus, we start to live authentically. Talents are (re-) discovered, new ideas begin to form. Things that seemed way too complicated or hard suddenly just work out. Our relationships become easier, heartier, more loving.


How it works?

Vesseling works on an energetic level. Problems/ blockages are being cleared at the source - the client's energy field. Thus, your vessel is being emptied .

More lightness comes into your live - automatically! Because your body becomes lighter.


But you know what? Enough said! You only know it when you try it ;o) it's damn worth it!

Maria Kailer-Stadler

Vesseling Practitioner

nach Martin Brune


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Zum Glück ins Jetzt! Wie das Leben uns findet. Die Vesseling Energieschule.(Neuauflage 2013)

Meine Buchempfehlung:

 Martin Brune

"Zum Glück ins JETZT!"

Wie das Leben uns findet. Die Vesseling Energieschule.


also available in English:

"With the Power of Now

     on to Happiness"