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Find your talents! Free yourself from inner blockages. Live your life to the full - in peace of mind and full of energy.


Vesseling is a holistic method that clears the path for you.


Working on yourself, in my terms, means letting go of heavy, negative thoughts and arriving and being present in the here and now. It means staying with yourself and not let yourself be absorbed by the "outside" - be it people, situations or even your own thoughts about past or future. Not an easy task in our fast, stressful world. We (almost) constantly need to react. This is very tiring. Daily life starts to feel hard and heavy.


Being completely with yourself, being present, means being connected to your inner source, that draws energy and power from within yourself and not from something (or someone) outside.

What follows is a great deal of calmness and peace that draw attention. You stand firm as a rock and meet the demands of the world with a smile.


Finding my life lighthearted and untroubled is the greates gift I got.


Vesseling was and is my path. I'm more than happy to accompany you for a bit on yours.


with kind regards,




Maria Kailer-Stadler

Vesseling Practitioner

nach Martin Brune


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+43 660 29 54 894

+49 8651 9059105




 YES, I speak English too. Please feel free to call or email!

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Zum Glück ins Jetzt! Wie das Leben uns findet. Die Vesseling Energieschule.(Neuauflage 2013)

Meine Buchempfehlung:

 Martin Brune

"Zum Glück ins JETZT!"

Wie das Leben uns findet. Die Vesseling Energieschule.


also available in English:

"With the Power of Now

     on to Happiness"